Precinct 5 store – homage to impermanence

The Precinct 5 project defines the Carbon Studio design philosophy. Design should be an approach that reflects the tendencies of our contemporary society - under the influence of the media and rapid technological developments, our world, our lives and the way we interact with each other are increasingly characterized by speed and in a state of constant flux. Creating an intelligent system that allows for change and adaptation is the core of the Precinct5 project.
The client was the owner of the Patta sneaker store in Amsterdam, aiming to extend their reach into men fashion. The brief for this project was “create a squat-chic multifunctional space with retail at its core. Oh, and the budget is next to nothing”.
The former police station was stripped to the constructional core and an anthracite concrete floor was added. Electrical pullies were installed on ceiling beams as well as a grid of connective joints on walls and floors. The grid is based on the 4 elementary functional needs of retail: 21cm for stairs, 42cm for seating, 84cm for counters and 126cm for hanging clothing. Interior elements are the 130 modular, 3D connective frames form the building blocks for the space. Additional functionalities like mirrors, fitting rooms,, stairs and signage were all placed on wheels. The conditions for an evolutionary fixture playground were set, producing formations rather than forms.

Location: Singel 459, 1012 WP Amsterdam, NL
Project: Retail. Concept, Design, Execution
Size: 350m2 m²
Project collaboration with Kuub Architects
Photography: Marcel van der Burg

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