Birkenstock Pop-Up

Birkenstock Pop-Up at Ehrenstrasse, Cologne, Germany. The 80-sq-m temporary retail space pays homage to the company’s visual identity through materiality and use of brand iconography; materials like cork and branding details are present throughout. The space is aterialized with native Birkenstock materials only – the stuff they make their shoes with - cork is used for the furniture and the façade. The floor is cladded with Birkenstock rubber outsole sheets.
Modular, cross-shaped display tables – a symbol used for the brand’s original logo – are also made of cork. Reference to brutalist architecture, which first inspired Karl Birkenstock to create functional shoes, is made through angular forms and simple materiality. Rough concrete ceilings and walls are exposed and painted a warm taupe. Staircase-shaped shelving finished in cork provides extra display space. The bone-like pattern of the sole of the shoes is used for the two display windows and floor.

project in collaboration with: ADH Design and The Thirsty Fisherman

photography: Maarten Willemstein

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